New Galaxy S10 and S10+

New Galaxy S10 and S10+

The Galaxy S10 Makes Screen Protectors…Complicated

C Okiorina : Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+The new Galaxy S10 and S10+ are now splayed out in all their glory, and before we even pried them open, we noticed an interesting new feature: pre-installed screen protectors.
This was rather nice of Samsung to include because you can’t install just any screen protector on the S10 or S10+.
And since it scored a measly 3 out of 10 on our repairability scorecard, you definitely need a screen protector — and probably a case — on this phone.

Optical fingerprint sensors can handle a broader range of screen protectors because the sensor can easily see through the clear film or glass to take a gander at your fingerprint. The ultrasonic sensor on the S10s, however, uses sound waves to read your fingerprint, which limits the type of screen protector you can use on the phone. (The S10e is exempt from this since it uses an old-school capacitive sensor within the power button).

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